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Due to decades of depression, PTSD, and finding myself repeating the same abusive relationships, I spent decades going around in circles, hoping that one day something would change, but it wasn't until I to found Hypnotherapy, spiritual expansion, and energy healing that I was able to truly overcome it all.

Now, by combining multi-award-winning techniques, I use my experiences and expertise to help countless women not only overcome similar obstacles but also create their own empires allowing them to finally stop surviving and start thriving.

I am a licensed Clinical Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist,  Psychic-Medium, Reiki Practitioner, and Trauma and Domestic Abuse Specialist.

When working on Psychic Investigation cases and Missing Persons cases Christina uses her abilities as a Psychic Medium, her degrees in Criminal Justice & Paralegal, and her investigative skills to help guide her in not just finding answers but finding the right answers so families can get the closure they deserve. 

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Reviews from Past Clients


I feel like I can breathe for the first time in my life! I feel real happiness!





I scheduled with Christine for stress and I did the 4 meditations. I didn’t think I would be able to feel so much relief in one month. I still have a little stress but she gave me ideas on how to help.





Thank you so much for an “AMAZING” experience Christina. I really enjoyed every moment of meeting with you! 





For years I had been dealing with fatigue and depression. It went away completely after only 1 session and has not returned. I am so grateful for Christina My life has truly been transformed.





Christina was amazing to work with. She’s very understanding and her sessions are relaxing. I was able to break through a lot of problems I’ve carried my whole life and after one session with Christina, I was already seeing extreme changes. I guarantee if you work with her your life will change for the best.





I went to Christina for a phobia but I learned it all started from events I had as a kid that I didn’t even remember. After 2 sessions with her I no longer have the phobia and I am happier than ever!





I was so fortunate to work with Christina during a time of deep trauma for me and with 1 session I had immediate relief. Thank you Christina…..you are a gifted healer.





It was CRAZY! I have been on a path to better myself for a while now and have done a lot of things, but I haven’t felt or realized anything close to what happened in my appointment with Chris. It was an eye-opener for sure and the energy healing she did was a game-changer.


HIGHLY recommend her!!!!!





I came in for help with weight loss but in 1 session with Christina I also gained confidence, had less stress, and increased energy. Before my session, I had no idea my issues were from past issues.





At first, I was disappointed because I didn’t see any changes after the session with Christina but 4 months later it seemed like a light bulb went off and I noticed how much my life has changed. All of the things I wanted are slowly but finally happening.





You can tell she really cares and I felt like she really understood what I was feeling. I can see a difference in my moods and feelings more and more every day





The meditation is already working!

It took almost two full cycles to  get to sleep the first night but at least I was calm and focused instead of panicking while falling asleep. I was even able to use it to fall back asleep.

After an emotionally challenging night as a mother I found myself automatically deep breathing and utilizing the imagery from the meditation and never lost control. I felt secure and calm and capable and accepting of my feelings.

I haven’t been that in control of my emotions at any point in the past several years.






I am so blessed to have found her. She has helped me through some past issues I was struggling with. The entire process was extremely easy, professional and friendly. She came recommended and I can certainly recommend her myself.





I had a really cool experience with Christina. She has an educated passion that made me feel like I was in good hands. I have never had hypnotherapy before and didn't know what to expect but she walked me through the process and I am definitely coming back for more! Highly recommend!




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