Effortlessly open the doors to your abilities or strengthen the gifts you already have.

End the guessing game and self-doubt!

Connect with spirits easily and get clear, concise messages that your clients will understand.

Whether you're developing your gifts or strengthening them, learn to do it without spending years and thousands of dollars.

Each audio can be used independently or with the other audios in the course.


A US based small clothing brand that was created to spread POSITIVITY and MENTAL AWARENESS

5 Minute Pocket VIDEO Reiki




For when you need a quick energy healing but don't have time to schedule an appointment or just want healing on your own time.  



Hypnosis Audio

Everyone has stress! We actually need stress in our lives but unfortunately in the world we live in today we go far beyond the amount we need and because of it many develop mental and physical health problems.

Whether you need to reduce stress to improve health or just because you’re tired of carrying that weight right now……

This hypnosis audio is for you!  

 An Abundant Life Planner & Journal



A guided Planner & Journal to lead you into a life of abundance by rewiring your subconscious.

Whether you want more money, a romantic relationship, or just general life abundance.


Printable Copy


Extended Paperback Copy


Energy Healing Hypnosis


We all fall out of balance from time to time.

The great part is that with just 20 minutes you can fall right back in! 


Anxiety Release Hypnosis


All to familiar with that gray cloud that never seems to go away?

Feel like you can’t breath sometimes? 

Constantly worrying about the future?

Maybe you just dwell on mildly inconvienent incidents?

What would it feel like if that all drifted away?

If you’re ready to start seeing life without the gloomy haze then click below.


Custom Made For You Hypnosis


Want something that is more personal but not ready to commit to a session?

Maybe you want something without background music?


Just answer a few short questions and get your custom hypnosis audio directly to your inbox.